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Capturing those precious, first year milestones...

Between birth & age one your child changes so much...

...and we want to help you capture each of those precious memories.

Our Baby Panel Program gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful, 10 x 24 framed collage using a picture from each of your 3, 6, 9, and 12-month portrait sessions.


The end result is a priceless framed portrait that you'll cherish each time you see it on your wall, as you reminisce about the days when your little one was truly little :)

At 3 months...

that wonderful smile lights up a room!

Your little one has undergone a dramatic transformation from a sleepy bundle of joy to a precocious wonder, ready to engage with the world around them.  For these sessions we recommend simple, non-bunching outfits, maybe some naked baby shots if you’d like, and of course any personal props you choose to bring.

At 6 months...

your little one shows off their new sitting skills!

This is truly one of the most important sessions for your precious baby, as at 6-months have usually mastered, or are attempting to sit on their own (sometimes they need a little help) and can engage in social play, allowing our photographers to be a little more creative in capturing your little one’s personality. 

At 9 months...

the proud moment when your little one takes a stand!

This is such a fun session for everyone, photographers included. Your little one is probably starting to pull up on things and trying to stand on their own, which provides a great photo opportunity.  For these sessions, barefoot is best, allowing your little one greater traction and they might even pop up on those adorable tip toes for a shot :)

At 12 months...

try a cake smash!

These 1-year sessions are precious and we have several scenes or props available to showcase this special milestone. Feel free to bring a small birthday cake to use during the session as well – it’s always fun to see how your child will react with a cake in front of them and free reign to do as they’d like! 

A cherished momento...

at the end of the program you will have a wonderful 10x24 in framed panel displaying your little one's cherished milestones.

3, 6, 9 & 12 month photography baby panel
3, 6, 9 & 12 month photography baby panel

For more information or to sign up, you can call us at (901) 937-6868 or click button below to fill out interest form!

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