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Preparing  for

Your Session


Your clothing should be a reflection of you, but there are a few do’s and don’ts.

Pick colors that work for you and feel free to bring more clothes than you’ll need. Your photographer can assist you if you’re not sure what will work best. As a general rule, avoid plaids and prints, as they appear busy.


During a regular half-hour session, you can do two different outfits, so you may want to consider bringing one casual outfit and one a bit more formal, in order to maximize your variety.


Hair should be cut several days prior to the photo session so it looks natural. Bring brushes, clips, hair products or whatever you will need for the style(s) you want. Men – unless you are looking for the rough uncut look, a clean shave is a must.


Feel free to bring your own props or any special, personalized or sentimental items to use in the photographs. Your photographer can assist in how to incorporate them into the pictures.

Plan Ahead

Think about what kind of portraits you're wanting:  Do you prefer lighter or darker backgrounds? Posed or candid shots? Traditional or dramatic lighting?

Please note that some of our backgrounds and props are available exclusively as seasonal Specialty Scenes and are not available year round.


If you have never been to our studio before, we strongly recommend planning to arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure we are able to start on time.

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